Transforming business from local to global: businessmen who successfully manage their activities, within their own countries and within the Department for the acquisition of culture and plan to expand their activities to other countries in the region or the world, Tanmiah Group provides them with a skilled and specialized work experience that transforms their activities into global names Brands are flying in the skies of global business and money as well around the local. Within this scope, we help build a name and create a respectable image and trust the existing activities of investors to become more interested in investing with the company, expanding and raising the actual capital ceiling to the level achieved by most global companies during policy formulation and systems development include a series of Actions that enable the business and its team to obtain the rights of privilege or privilege for their activities, where the value of the concession and the performance rate of the operations are determined in addition to negotiating with foreign or Arab investors or investors, and developing an appropriate organizational structure for activities in addition to assistance In the preparation of all documents and documents required so far translated and documented to transfer the activity from the local to the global.