Create complete projects

The Business development Group offers an integrated package of services to initiate trade activity in Malaysia and south-East Asian countries, where we provide advisory services for all types of small and medium-sized enterprise projects, as well as in the transfer of ideas On the work of the credentials shall plans to real markets and commercial entities, as well as the assistance in the projects of the project since its first moment until the beginning of the actual work and proceed with flexibility and ease, and the full secrecy of the draft based on our principle in Preserving the privacy of our customers.

Project study and financial forecasts:
a development group for the servicing of business and advisory services is provided to the operators and owners of companies to assist them in taking the difficult decisions regarding their activities and trade in order to establish The development, expansion and extension of these activities and their increased proliferation in wider geographical areas more. The Our services of the plan of Action covers many aspects, including the preparation and revision of a unique and integrated work plan for the activities it exercises and the underlying idea, trends and market forces of the project, as well as comparisons In order to determine the opportunities for competition and knowledge of the parties to develop plans and procedures

To overcome or withstand competitors. Our financial services cover assistance in the preparation and development of a budget proposed by the working man and the preparation of a study

A future estimate of income and expenditure for three years and the formulation of the estimates for the calculation of the four, loss and valuation of cash flows and preparation of the proposed balance sheet are included.


Establishment of a project in an integrated form from the feasibility study and passing by the licenses and choosing the place and employing the professional staffand marketing and end up managing the project according to the customer desire