Group Services Summary

In order to save your valuable time we have been able to summarize our services as follows:

* Preparation of files and legal regulations on the conditions of registration of individuals, companies and institutions in the Commercial Register.
* Registration of companies and institutions in the Ministry of Economy and Protection of Intellectual Property through various departments.
* Registration of leases and insurance services for institutions and companies.
* Provide services at various levels with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce and other ministries, projects and opportunities.
* Continuous communication with ministries, industry, agriculture and trade bodies to provide various services.
* Providing information for registration in social security and information on approved commercial systems.
* Provide information on the conditions for the establishment of licenses for car rental companies from the Ministry of Tourism.
* Conduct investment studies and surveys and identify the available employment opportunities with high rates of safety and security.
* Establishing business projects and developing the operating plan and management according to the client’s goals.
* Terminating the procedures for establishing the company and obtaining the commercial register.
* Doing the job of commercial intermediary in finding (accommodation / shop for activity / administrative office / store / product / airline reservation / hotel reservation / car booking / organizing tourist program / organizing exhibitions, conferences or training courses / receiving / receiving products / .
* Processing the market study and feasibility study for the projects compatible.
* Documenting contracts and documents with the Malaysian market and consumer.
* Provide advice on choosing safe investment type in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.
* Providing and arranging appointments, meetings and attendance with the investor or the prosecution in negotiations and agreement with the parties, suppliers or factories chosen by the client.
* Creating a website and marketing pages in social media sites.
* Media and media campaigns (magazines, radio, print, outdoor panels, websites, press conferences).
* Commercial representation in international conferences.