About the group

The development group assists businessmen upon arrival in Malaysia, summarizing all procedures and providing all necessary business services.

      The start-up and the efficiency of the development cluster were the outcome of a journey of work, services, expertise and experience of each of the development groups that would meet the urgent desire to fill a major gap in the peace process. Trade and economic in the state of Malaysia and the countries of South-East Asia This group was therefore created and provided with a variety of services for companies and businessmen, especially in the early stages of the founding phase, which focuses on innovation, both before individuals or institutions. The development Group of a specialized institution provides services that help its clients to develop and implement projects in Malaysia and South Asia, and the services of the group are made to accompany them on their careers in developing all their project activities according to the wishes and objectives of the customers.

Group Vision:

      The group is expected to be the best institution in financial and investment advisory services in the best interests of the progressive development of trade and marketing and commercialization of the Arab tenants of Malaysia and South Asia.


Group’s Message:

        Organize the invested and safety papers of the group’s clients and provide them with their expectations of the services.

Group values and principles:


The Group is focus on:

  •  The meeting is based on high-quality relationships with clients, understanding the larger balance and nominal goal and providing all customer needs.
  • Sustainability, which appears in the customer’s promise to invest their resources and abilities wisely, efficiently and with less effort than expected, and to find solutions for the unexpected.
  •   Clear innovation in (encouraging August in the project’s Working group).
  • The Dynamism, which manifests itself in of the group’s readiness to provide its work and willingness to hope for continuous attempts in the area of advisory and development services.


The conversion of the ideas into real projects.

Preparing the feasibility study for all projects.

Common Market study.

Marketing campaigns and printing publications.

Securing licenses, investor stays and the work team.

Provide the most suitable site for an initiation/branch.

The design (organizational structure of the project and the Organization’s internal system).

Selection and training of qualified staff.

Implementation of policies, procedures and models.

Ensure the legal and orderly conduct of projects in the state.